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SmartRoster - Powerful, Simple, Extremely cost-effective Church Volunteer Scheduling

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SmartRoster was made for Churches, and is being used in a dozen different countries, by all major Christian denominations. Churches have complex scheduling needs that were previously poorly addressed. Finally church administrators have a tool capable of juggling the complex demands of managing tens to thousands of individual volunteers in tens to hundreds of interrelated tasks, and in many different daily, weekly or adhoc activities.

Don't believe us? Well have a look at this independent unsolicited review placed on the CNET downloads site where Smartroster is listed.

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"Dear SR Team, Thank you so much for your most professional support, for this highly effective and sturdy program. I cannot say enough about the benefits of this product, it is very well thought out, very easy to pick up and deploy, very deep in scope, has excellent reporting and communication management it is a real treat to work with, not to mention saving me from major brain damage. Hats off to you! THANKS!"

Rick, California, USA

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