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“Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! I love your software! You've simplified my job by 300% and have allowed me to make people happy by scheduling around their schedules.”

Additional Information

Limited-person licenses

Licenses with a person-limit mean that you are only able to enter or import person records up to the limit specified on your license. This is the Only limit that applies. All other features are available as per the full unlimited or commercial license. Limited licenses are only available to not-for-profit organisations like Churches, Clubs, or other volunteer based groups

Unlimited-person, or Commercial, licenses

If you purchase this option you have no restrictions on the number of persons that can be entered into a single SmartRoster file. If you are a commercial or for-profit organisation, this item applies. Limited licenses are only available to not-for-profit organisations like Churches, Clubs, or other volunteer based groups.

SmartRoster Evaluation CD

The evaluation CD includes the full working product, and expires after 30 days of use. After this you will need to purchase one of the above licenses to continue using SmartRoster. All files that you have created during the evaluation period will continue to work once you have registered your copy with the license key.

SmartRoster Additional Licence

Additional licences can be purchased with or after the initial purchase. You will receive by email a new license key and file which documents the number of licences your organisation is entitled to run. Additional licenses are the same price regardless of the type of first license purchased.

SmartRoster Site Licence

A Site License permits you to install, register, and run SmartRoster on unlimited PCs in your organisation, including laptop and desktop PCs. You will receive by email a new license key and file. A site license may represent considerable savings for a larger organisation over the purchase of additional licenses. A Site license also permits unlimited numbers of persons to be entered.

Annual Support

To obtain support after the first year free support period, you will need to purchase annual support. This is a flat fee for each license you have purchased. Annual support entitles the bearer to:
> Unlimited email support
> All updates and upgrades for 1 year from date of support renewal
> Occassional special offers

SMS Credit

When you activate SMS messaging (purchase SRSMSACT) you will need to provide a primary mobile/cellphone number from which these messages will originate. NOTE: This phone number will NOT be charged for any texts sent via SmartRoster. You need to purchase pre-paid texts from our site for this. 100 credits are included with your initial activation.

SMS credit is purchased on a pre-paid basis. You can purchase credits (1 credit=1 message) in sets of 200, 500, or 1000 (items SRSMS200, SRSMS500, SRSMS1000). A volume discount applies to the larger amounts.

There are no refunds for unused credits under any circumstances except where you believe you were fraudulently charged.

SMS Credits do not expire.

You can see how much credit you have left by selecting File > Option > Other tab and click on the button "Show credit".

SMS reminders are not guarenteed as we depend on a third party provider. The maximum compensation available for problems with your SMS in Smartroster will be no more than what you have paid for activation or credit purchases.


Evaluation CDROMS will be shipped within two business days from receipt of the order. However, please allow for at least two weeks for your order to arrive. In most cases you should receive it within one working week. Contact our sales team if you have additional requirements.












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