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Why don't we just allow unlimited installations and/or persons?

Davallia Technology has deliberately decided against providing a one-size-fits-all approach to pricing. We believe such a policy discriminates against smaller churches/organizations.

Larger organizations typically get greater benefit from a piece of software, and this benefit relates to the number of people in their organization, and the complexity of their scheduling requirements, both of which generally increase with size. Also, the more people using the software, the more likely they will find errors ("bugs"), and have increased functionality requirements. So they will need a higher level of support.

By adopting a pricing policy that accounts for the increased benefits obtained and increased support needs of the larger organization (a "user-pays" policy) the smaller churches or organizations do not end up subsidising the larger, and SmartRoster remains affordable and available to everyone.

After all, if a car maker adopted a policy that an organization paid a single fixed up-front fee and obtained unlimited vehicles for that fee, who could afford a car other than the very largest organizations?

So we feel that our pricing is fair to both large and small, and avoids the ethical difficulty of the smaller organization subsidising the larger.

If you think otherwise and would like to discuss this, feel free to send us an email at

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The SmartRoster Development team


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