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“Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! I love your software! You've simplified my job by 300% and have allowed me to make people happy by scheduling around their schedules.”

What our customers are saying about SmartRoster...

"I have looked at other programs out of curiosity's sake. In my opinion, SmartRoster is the best, and most reasonably [priced], program available and I would recommend it to anyone, whether for a church, a business, or for personal use. Thank you again for your help. As always it is greatly appreciated!"
 Doug McFayden, Washington State, USA

"Dear SR Team, Thank you so much for your most professional support, for this highly effective and sturdy program. I cannot say enough about the benefits of this product, it is very well thought out, very easy to pick up and deploy, very deep in scope, has excellent reporting and communication management – it is a real treat to work with, not to mention saving me from major brain damage. Hats off to you! THANKS!"
      Rick, California, USA

"Although I was very pleased with the product, I was most impressed with the support provided both before and after purchasing. My emails were always answered promptly by the developer himself, who took the time to understand ... our needs"
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 Janet Barclay, "Face to Face – Hamilton's Job Fair", Oakville, Ontario, Canada

"Thank you so much for all your help. Finally got my rosters out (on time). Learnt so much about the program last week. I knew it was versatile, just didn't realise how good it really was!"
 Jenny Moore, Parish Secretary, St Paul's Anglican Church Boronia, Victoria, Australia

"SmartRoster has been an awesome solution to our scheduling process here at Ivanrest Church. We have many volunteers and lots of children's programs to contend with! Scheduling has been a HUGE issue for us. You would be happy to hear that our volunteers are so much happier with our schedules since we started using Smart Roster. The email reminders are also a great help. Thank you again!"
 Dawn Wierenga, Children's Ministry Coordinator, Ivanrest Church, Grandville, MI, USA

"I was absolutely thrilled with your program. A lot of good sense has gone into SmartRoster! I was especially impressed by the fact that the program generates a large number of schedules in an effort to come up with the best possible one. Incredible! (But that's what computers are good at, yes?) Thanks again for a great program, a great price, and for excellent customer service. I hope you prosper in selling your program, and that it becomes very popular. I don't see why it wouldn't. It is serving our purposes extremely well, and I will be looking to recommend it to anyone who could use it."
      Criss Carthel, Texas, USA

“We bought Smart Roster about 6 months ago for our Worship Team roster at church. Since then it has made my job so much easier. With so many people on the rosters it’s hard to juggle everyone around schedules and avoid doubling them up etc…with Smart Roster it’s simple, easy and smart! Thanks heaps for your product, it’s awesome!
      Jesse Milani, Worship Director, Riverland Christian Church, Australia

“An extremely well written application. [Its] ease of use masks the underlying power of the product. Am happy to purchase the site licence even though it may be overkill for our organisation as I believe the developers of such a fine piece of software are due their reward.”
      Andrew Wiseman, Australia

“Our church has been searching for a long time for a program like SmartRoster, and we would like to heartily second the testimonials on your website. We have installed and extensively evaluated at least a half dozen "pretenders"--some costing many times more, and found we could not live with their various deficiencies. SmartRoster has addressed the combined list of all the drawbacks in one program. Amazing. This program was evidently created by a person/team with extensive experience in commercial software development.”
 Forest Crocker, MN, USA

“I have been looking for software to do this for about a year and yours is streets ahead of anything I found to do rostering.”
 Anthony, Blue Baobab, Spain

“The program has worked very well for our 2004 rosters. I reckon a lot of church administrators are going to be thanking the Lord for your work!”
     Paul Gresham, Australia

“Smartroster has proved invaluable in controlling and publicising all the changes that inevitably afflict us through the year. Thanks again!
     Paul Gresham, Australia (5 months later...)

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! I love your software! You've simplified my job by 300% and have allowed me to make people happy by scheduling around their schedules.”
      Amy, CO, USA

“I have recently purchased SmartRoster from Koorong books in Sydney. I think it's great”
     Debra, NSW, Australia

“I have downloaded the free trial and am really impressed with your product”
     Liz, St. Joseph Catholic Church, USA

“I have started using this product in our organisation for managing large numbers of volunteers. I am finding it saving me hours of manual rostering”
     Nathan, QLD, Australia

“Hi, just bought your program and am delighted by it!”
     Jim, Australia

“I love in the new release being able to add a comment. This has allowed me to add in the songs and bible readings that I had to do after I had finished rostering people on! Thank you for making this program more and more user friendly every time!”
     Kelly, Australia

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