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Version Change History


  • Fixed report Absences which was not showing an absence on the last day of the date range to be reported
  • When using customers own web server for WebShare smartroster does not require updated annual support
  • Changed Absences report so it includes group absences for a person
  • Changed reports which use fields such as the reminder labels when using [Absences] in a template, to now show household and group absences as well as individual absences


  • Fixed weird bug with max function used in combination with WaitS function. For some
    reason the max function was just not working!!! and WaitS would lock up the program


  • Fixed problem: error 'Role-member Event doesn''t match Timeslot Event' fails to consider the NextEvent field
    which may make the allocation legal


  • Fixed bug with schedules report "Export to Word" - auto number was on a different line to name


  • Fixed problem with the pdf generation system


  • Fix for Export to Word role members and role inventory reports - contact number was not showing
  • Removed 'On Event' type date pattern. The Event can now qualify ANY date pattern type such the the date specification can ONLY occur on the Event set.
  • Change to import personnel procecessing for absences to allow combination of date and event (ie if Event is included then the absence only applies to that event in the date range given.


  • Fixed 'Preference applies ONLY to' caption in the Association Preferences dialog
  • Added new menu choice Email > Send report"
  • Fix problem with context sensitive help not coming up in some case
  • Fix 'printer not installed' error sometimes occurring when a printer is installed
  • Fix so that enforced break would recognised altered event start times where 'Start-Delay' and 'Actual-Duration' are use


  • Fixed problem with using users own webshare server. May not work on some servers. Creates a new temporary file "FTPLIST.txt" which may assist when dealing with techsupport for problems using this feature
  • Fixed problem with prefix character % showing up instead of the lock icon for auto-numbered occupants
  • Fixed problem with not auto-numbering when the autonumber setting is changed or when manually adding or deleting to the schedule in some cases
  • Fixed problem with auto-number not being saved with preassigned occupants


  • Fixed problem with moving occupants within the same timeslot - particularly when auto-numbered
  • Fixed a bug in the optimise routine which optimises for usage target.


  • Small change to stop the start-date for new volunteers or role members defaulting to the date entered.
    Now defaults to "unknown"
  • Security functionality now only restricted for Smartroster Lite
  • Enabled the Importing of constraints (keep together, etc) when importing from a .ros file
  • Run multiple instances of Smartroster when building the schedule - allows smartroster to process up to 400% more builds per minute by utilizing multiple cores on suitable PCs (Intel Core i5 or Core i7)
  • Autonumber allows the user to specify starting number, and now sorts by the numbers and shows then as a prefix
  • Fixed problem with x times every x months - the periods needs to be 31 for the long months


  • Fixed 'Copy From' drop down for absences which was not working
  • Fixed problem with usage target 'x' max x in every y months'. Was sometimes triggered incorrectly
  • Changed iCalender files to use local time only - not GMT time. Was causing a problem day-light saving
  • Fixed problem with importing people, if importing roles would delete roles that were not on the imported list


  • Fix a problem with incorrectly recording which reminders have been generated
  • Increased the free trial period to 1 year


  • 'Unscheduled' column now only shows people who are available and who have not exceeded their usage targets
  • Fixed problem where the WebShare local mirror path was not automatically created which caused error
  • Added new property 'Sort Occupants' to roles. Allows the user to choose whether to sort occupants as they appear in the schedule grid
  • Fixed problem deleting associations in the people dialog
  • Fixed problem with webshare saving (uploading) sometimes returning errors
  • Fixed problem deleting a person - timeslots not fully deleted, ghost slots appearing when a new person was subsequently added
  • Fixed problem with out of bounds error right clicking in the empty area to the right of the schedule grid
  • Fixed problem with using the '-' and '+' keys when entering comments into the schedule grid (would increase/decrease font size)
  • New option to specify whether locked cells are cleared by global function 'Schedule > Clear' (menu option or F4)


  • Modified WebUpdate to copy the new executable into the Temp folder so if unable to copy into the installation folder the user can do this manually using windows explorer
  • Fixed problem with long SMS messages - now can send messages longer than 160 characters


  • Fixed the column headers in the Email dialog to have text in white which is readable on a dark border
  • Fixed an error on the AutoFill optimisation routine which now improves the filling of vacancies


  • WebUpdate now uses Amazon AWS and gets the update config and updated executable from the AWS server. This is more likely to succeed even from behind corporate fire walls as it does not use FTP but uses REST
  • Escape key in fullscreen mode now cancels fullscreen mode
  • Can now set to "always backup without asking on file close", by setting the appropriate option in the backup or the options dialog
  • This option also has an Open button to open the backup folder in windows explorer (for convenience)
  • Can now choose to create PDF files as PDF/A-1 compliant under "Options" > "Report" tab


  • Tidy up the use of message dialog
  • Fix for Export to Word function in report viewer when names contain double quote character - was causing an error


  • Implements a new method of AutoWebUpdate which is simpler and more reliable, and no longer requires the Webupdatewizzard components. It DOES require the user to run Smartroster as administrator


  • Fixed problem with SMS reminders - the sending ID did not have the correct international format so a volunteer could not reply
  • Fixed problem with SMS reminders - person was on multiple duties was only notified about the first one
  • Schedule reminder format combines all scheduled roles for the same event
  • Added new /SENDREMINDERS "OPENFILENAME" command line flag - this will run Smartroster, automatically send reminders, and then close - all without user intervention. Note that the "OPENFILENAME" is required - if not present this flag is ignored


  • Fixed a problem where some datespecs, with the Event specified, where not loaded correctly
  • Fixed a problem with names in red font violation highlights not consistently working for different types of violation
  • Fixed a problem with usage target violations not consistently reported with drag over or right click on schedule grid
  • Fixed the Association preference satisfaction report (columns spilling over onto another page)
  • Fixed a problem with reporting of violations in the main schedule grid
  • Fixed an error with UsageTargets which used "in any x period", for example, '3 times in ANY 31 day period'


  • Changed the Backup reminder functionality. Now backs up to the specified folder, not file, using the same filename
    as the last file open, with increasing postfixed numeric sequence. Creates a new file each time. Allows the
    user to go back to previous backups. This increases data security
  • Small change to .vcal format - now is .ics and incorporates multiple events into the sinlge file for easy importing
    into Outlook or Google Calendar
  • Fixed a problem emailing with Mailbee - was causing application error
  • Fixed a problem with handling of the new registration type which does not require the user to copy a license file


  • Dates by Names schedule grid format now does not show people who are not enabled (not active)
  • Fixed bug with autofill when causing application error when Event flag is set for a role member and consecutive>1
  • New patterns default to White_text on dark blue (was black text which was poorly visible


  • Fixed a problem with households and groups no longer showing after the previous filter change ("Filter in the People panel will also filter on email address" v4.1)
  • In the "Schedule > Grid Format > Dates by names" view, cells are now cross-hatched if a person is absent
  • Fixed problem double-click on empty date pattern in Event edit dialog causing an application error
  • Fixed problem with display of the multiple Absence Entry dialog


  • Full new security system with user login credentials and authorities. Controlled by the System administrator. See Documentation here
  • Added option under Role Members menu to view only active role members (hide inactive) as a toggle flag
  • Simplified registration. Licence file is no longer required. Registration simply involves copying the Registration name and Key from the email (copy <Ctrl>c and paste <Ctrl>v)
  • The Filter in the People panel will also filter on email address


  • Fixed problem with right-click selecting roles when schedule grid is in "Date-by-Name" format
  • Fixed problem with remembering last selected report type (always remembered the last Schedule type report only)
  • Fixed problem with roles not marked "Schedule this role" disappearing from the Roles list (however not actually removed)


  • Fix problem with infinite loop with using consecutive>1 in some cases
  • Fixed problem with the calculation of non-fixed usage targets - was counting role-members where the associated person was not active - hence targets were too low (this has been a longstanding issue not previously discovered)
  • Fixed problem with automatic conversion of WebShare files to the new Amazon-bases service - not occuring in some cases


  • Fixed problem - unable to select a person with 'Would exceed automatic target' from the grid right-click menu
    Released version 4.006 on 20-5-2012
  • Fixed problem with setting absence date for AM or PM range (where interval is 15 mins instead of 30)
  • Fixed problem with the Delete and Edit buttons in the new event dialog (Pattern editing) being enabled when no pattern is selected
  • Fixed problem with "Export to Word" not working in some cases
    Released version 4.007 on 25-5-2012
  • Add MailBee back in for emailing to try to solve the problem sending SSL mail for some folk
  • Changes to enable release of SmartrosterLite. Has a preinstalled license file which will not require the user to register it. Restricted to 50 persons, no email, no export to word, no webshare, no upload to FTP. Will be a free non-expiring license with 1 year for updates only.
  • Fixed for sending email to a person with multiple email addresses separated by semicolons
    Released version 4.009 on 26-5-2012
  • Fixed problem with preassignments not changing automatically when absence is created or removed
  • Fixed problem unable to drag and drop from role members (in List view) and from the People Panel


  • Fixed problem with not able to send html emails in version 4.0
  • Fixed problem with email attachments not sending correctly
  • Fixed problem with access denied error on loading a new license
  • Fixed problem if event colour was specified then the default 'white-text' should be false, otherwise the default is true
  • Fixed problem with usage counters not set correctly on first load (needed to reset counters AFTER all items
    had been loaded from file) effected UsageTargets which refer to role- or event- groups
  • "New" & "Remove" buttons in People panel now correctly add the item corresponding to the tab that is selected
    in the people panel
  • Add new email protocol - Amazon SES ("Simple Email Service"). Does not require user credentials since this is
    built in. For secure email sending with SSL/Start TLS. However user must have verified email address to use (achieved through the program).
  • Fixed tab order in the email support dialog. Also fixed the Help > email support, and "Test email" function to bypass the email queue
  • Fixed problem with + button to increase schedule font size not working sometimes (would reduce the font size)
  • Fixed problem with error on some reports causing a 'Cannot change visible in OnShow or OnHide' error


  • Changed the look and color scheme of the main window panels for better contrast and aesthetics
  • Tidied up all fonts to Arial (TT font) instead of MS SansSerif and made font sizes consistent
  • New PDF report engine - as a result, PDF report creation is 3 times faster. There is no increase in report time when creating PDFs as not, so the option to NOT create PDFs has been removed. Also as a result the default report save format is now PDF
  • New View > Fullscreen (F11) option to make the most of large screens
  • New email backend for greater compatibility across platforms and operating systems
  • New WebShare backend. Now uses Amazon Web Services (S3 service) for greatly improved security, reliability and speed
  • EmailQueue is MUCH faster to initially show old messages (viewing archived messages)
  • When sending the same attachment file to many people, it no longer makes a separate copy for each individual (since the file is the same for each person receiving)
  • Right-click menu in schedule timeslots shows a message if a person exceeds the automatic usage target but still allows them to be used
  • Double click in an empty part of a schedule cell automatically brings up 'add comment' entry box (like right-click > 'add comment')
  • If a person's name is typed into a comment matching a person in the database then that person will be scheduled rather than a comment being added
  • Now uses INI text files for configs instead of the registry, which provides better cross-platform compatibility (future looking improvement)
  • Can select to save files compressed or uncompressed. This is useful to open files saved in version 4.0 in earlier versions of smartroster (as the compression format in 4.0 is not backwardly compatible)
  • Changed People properties dialog in the report parameters dialog to be a real dialog instead of a pseudo-dialog
  • At startup, automatically attempts to reopen webshare file from the web (if WebShare file was the last open)
  • Fixed a problem with Autofill causing an endless loop under certain circumstances
  • Fixed problem with prefix characters showing up on the "Master Schedule" report
  • Fixed problem with "Save compressed" flag not being remembered (would just default to "On")
  • Fixed problem with "Export to Word" changing the MS Word default units - not necessary, and annoying to the user
  • Fixed problem with deleting Valid Events which caused all role members to be deleted


  • Use + and - keys (or schedule menu) to enlarge or shrink the schedule grid (fit more or less on screen)
  • Can right-click "copy cell" in any schedule cell to copy the text of the cell to the clipboard
  • New + and - buttons in the mail window to add or remove the respective item
  • New "Email Tech-support" under the Help menu
  • Word reports now work via vb script files instead of using DDE/OLE
  • Consistent "+" and "-" buttons for adding or removing from lists
  • New Shortcuts: "e" = hide/show Events panel, "p" = hide/show People panel,
    "r" = hide/show Roles panel, "s" = hide/show Schedules panel,


  • Fixed bug - adding person with "always keep together" association sometimes was not honoured
  • New report "Personal Profile" allows sending of current personal profile details to individuals for review, correction and returning


  • Fixed bug - <Alt> drop (override) would allow subsequent drops into the schudule in the same event (as if the <Alt> key were held down)
  • Fixed bug - Draging names while a global restriction was in force would cause smartroster to crash
  • New feature - hovering the mouse over a name in the People panel will cause the name to highlight in the schedule (if in visible area)


  • Added separate error message if person tries to register without the registration file
  • Change the to [Schedule] field code. Can now include the date format in the code,
    eg [Schedule:d-mmm-yyyy]


  • Fixed problem with importing absences


  • New quick dialog for entering absences - greatly speeds up data entry
  • New absences summary report


  • Fixed problem with showing only the firstnames of some individuals in the address book simple report under some circumstances


  • Fixed problem importing absences - date ranges now import correctly


  • Personnel inventory report does not replace _ (underscore) with a space
  • When dropping a person into a cell, "always keep together" associated persons WILL be also placed in the same role even if that role is locked
  • Manual changes to the grid this updates the counts in the role members view immediately


  • Fixed a problem with pre-assignments not being saved
  • Change to ReminderMethod - now is visible regardless of SMS being active, but does not show SMS options if SMS is inactive
  • New option 'Quick Report' to Schedule menu - to quickly get to a simple master schedule format for dates in the current schedule period
  • Removed obsolete SMTP mail protocols - now they only show if the user is still using the option


  • Fixed problem with Page x of y not showing correctly in the SmartVue
  • Fixed problem with Address book report - People with same Surname, NO household, and different address were reported as being in the same household, instead of in different households


  • SMS Reminders
  • Fixed problem with adding new absences in some instances
  • Fixed WebShare to address some reliability issues
  • Automatically deletes Automatic Import specification for versions prior to 3.606 to address compatibility issues with previous import specifications.
  • New command line switches:
    /READONLY --> can only open files in readonly mode. No changes can be saved
    /LOCK --> combined with /OPEN=filename switch, forbids the user to open any other file, save as another filename or create a new file.


  • Fixed problem where the "Unscheduled" role showed as a compatible role
  • Fixed association not working where group or household is actually scheduled and the association is with a member of the household or group


  • New option to show rule violations: Schedule > Show rule violations. This shows names in red which are in violation of availability rules (eg Absences or Enforced breaks)
  • Fixed the schedule import and export to correctly match the imported individuals to people in the database.
    This also greatly speeds up the import of exported schedules
  • Now traps an additional data corruption error


  • Modified Schedule "Export as importable data" file format - single row per occupant per timeslot (remains backwardly compatible). This file is in plain text format and can be opened in a text editor or into Excel for sorting, reporting, or other analysis
  • Schedule Import now autocreates Roles (but still NOT Events)
  • Fixed small problem with report table row heights and improved algorithm for fitting text into the cells


  • New main window toolbar icons and modified main window colours
  • New AM or PM indicator when adding single dates - helps add simple half day periods
  • supports exporting and importing of UsageTargets and EnforcedBreak
  • New 'change back to default' button to change event or role-groups colour back to default
  • [RoleNames] field type added - only shows role names without role member usage targets
  • Fixed problem with line wrapping in reports - now wraps long lines to fit so that text is not hidden
  • Fixed problem with number in Report parameters where decimal separator is a comma
  • Added additional date format for reports "mmm-dd <Day>"
  • Fixed importing of absences - now looks at the actual dates to guess the month position (dd-mm or mm-dd) and also checks the users system preferences for date format
  • Fixed the way Filters are processed - in particular the PersonType filter
  • Fixed dates appearing incorrectly in the Absences tab - incorrectly included the day after the range
    for adhoc - date-range (NOT single dates)
  • Fixed "Consecutive=1" not working when Strictly was enforced


  • Fixed problem with Smartroster not handling dates in format mm-dd-yy. Now works out the system date format
  • Fixed a problem where deleting a person did not properly removing them from groups they belong to


  • Minor fix to calendar report - puts a space after comma to separate names and space before bracket listing roles


  • Added ability to send email via SMTP protocol with SSL +/- StartTLS
    (for gmail need hostname="" SSL="SSL On" (ie NOT with StartTLS) and port set to 465)


  • Fixed Addressbook reports to handle situation where the default household surname differs to the household member surnames


  • Fixed problem with Association Preference satisfaction report causing application error
  • Add ability to import file on command line automatically - automatically detects fields to import based on header line (run smartroster with the parameters /IMPORT "<FIlename>")
  • Fixed problem deleting a person who is scheduled in a role of which they are not a role member
  • Modified the Import delimited file routine so that if a person is added to a role who wasn't previously a role-member then the new role-member created has the start-date set to the date it was imported.
  • Fixed problem with a person's household being inactive but the person being emailed via bulk email
  • Fixed problem with setting reminders - was setting them when a schedule was emailed out. Should only set for reminders
  • Fixed problem with deleting Comments in the schedule
  • Export/import now allows importing of active status for Person and Rolemember (if role name imported starts with "-")
  • Fixed problem with Calendar report - sometimes needs 6 rows
  • Calendar report can now be exported to MS Word


  • Help subsystem now is Windows Vista/7-compatible
  • Added new StartDate field for Person and Role-Member - can be reported, used in filters and reduces a person's automatically generated target where they start after the beginning of the current schedule
  • StartDate also affects availability - ie not available before startdate
  • Added new "Secondary" property to role-event; if a role is secondary a person must be scheduled to primary role first
  • Fixed problem with bulk email - people not active as role member where getting bulk emails sent to that role.
  • Updated Valid Event panel to show additional properties
  • Modified "Master Schedule" report so if Master copy is selected and Hide non-recipients AND you are showing vacant slots
    then this will report just vacant slots with no other names on the report
  • Modified WebShare to make it slightly quicker and require fewer connections, and WebShare messages are more informative
  • No longer get Application error if no printer is installed when smartroster runs
  • Fixed the "Master Schedule" report when showing vacant slots : was showing <vacant> in slots actually occupied but hidden
  • Fixed vCalendar files to remove extraneous "R"
  • Fixes to make sure that Smartroster does not delete a .ros file inappropriately
  • Can now send to multiple email addresses for a single person (using semicolon to separate email addresses)
  • Fixed "double click" in empty role members list causing application error
  • Fixed the default event colour - was set to BtnFace instead of the correct colour
  • If colour is used for Events, a pale version of the colour extends across the whole row making it easier to see to which event a row refers
  • Was slow to start when a networked printer was the default printer. This has been improved
  • Fixed "Date range occurs in the past" message being incorrectly displayed


  • Fixed problem with reminders - always needed to click "Ignore previous reminders"
  • Fixed problem with "file open" error on startup


  • Fixed problem with filters: Filter on Age field not working for age = 0
  • Fixed problem with role groups form not scaling correctly
  • Fixed problem with location of StartingAt and Time/duration fields when editing date specifications
  • Fixed problem with "Unscheduled" column not updating correctly
  • Can pass the initial file to open in command line as /open "filename" (quotes necessary if filename includes spaces)
  • Changed wording "Rosters" to "Schedule" in the toolbar
  • Fixed problem with WebShare (not connecting)


  • Fixed problem with associations which are role-restricted sometimes not working correctly
  • Fixed problem with creating a New Role - not updating the grid correctly


  • Added new feature in Smartroster Viewer to Publish any report to a web server as a single click operation.
  • Fixed a problem with People Import form not sizing correctly in some screen resolutions


  • Fixed problem with importing absences or preassignments using people import function


  • Fixed About dialog - was showing Windows XP where Vista is installed
  • Fixed small error - clearing the roster did not clear the clear the Filter History
  • Add in a SmartExplain warning when trying to schedule a person against a negative association preference. This does not prevent the scheduling but informs the scheduler that the negative preference exists.
  • Added code to remove duplicate lines from email message text
  • Fixed error with autoimport, active filename was incorrectly changed to the importfilename after an import
  • Fixed error with importing comma/tab delimited files - address not imported correctly


  • Added Uni-directional association preferences (tick the box in the associations dialog
  • Fixed bug with deleting person (invalid reference to wrong object type)
  • Prevent two or more people referencing the same absence record
  • Fixed problem with usage counts involving "Max in each period" where role or event groups used
  • Fixed memory leak during AutoFill
  • Added ability to attach separate files for each role/event when sending reminders
  • Saves filter history so user can easily choose from previously used filters
  • Reminders not raised for roles that are not being scheduled
  • Fix to role distrubution report - only shows those who are on the roles selected, and shows N/A in roles that do not apply
  • Absences in the Update Person Details dialog now shows full details
  • Absences now properly re-calculates after making changes to a persons absence record
  • Fixed a few problems to do with scheduling consecutively while trying to respect keep together association preferences
  • Fixed a problem which tended to reduce randomisation when scheduling people with associations (made them more likely to be scheduled compared to those without any associations)


  • Added new warning if entering dates that occur in the past
  • Fixed "Add to Role" under roles tab in Update Person Details dialog


  • Fixed problem with using Consecutive > 1 where Applies To Events = <All Events>


  • Fixed problem with importing ("list index out of bounds" error)
  • Fixed problem deleting people causing application error


  • Fixed menu label "Vancant" to "Vacant" and fixed some menu options
  • Now deletes all people with no name after file open to fix problem caused by importing file with blank lines


  • Fixed Filter for Roles (Roles Matches *) which sometimes would not work
  • Allow one-off delete of pre-assigned timeslots using ALT key


  • Fixed problem setting role order ("list index out of bounds" error)
  • Fixed application error related to Dates by Names grid format
  • Can <shift>Select multiple Usage Targets at once


  • Fixed problem with pasting role members from the popup menu over the role members area - now copies additional info
  • Role Compatibility can now be qualified by Event. If Event is added, the the Role remains Incompatible for other events and there is no limit to the number of role compatibilities that can be entered for a given role
  • Added ability to download the WinHelp viewer from the Microsoft web site, to the Help menu (for Vista users)
  • Added ability to toggle column and row locks in single menu selection (Locked -> UNLocked, UNLocked -> Locked)
  • Fixed problem with failed wrapping of schedule text when sending reminder emails in HTML format


  • Fixed problem with updating usage targets - did not set period type correctly for 1 period (eg 1 week, 1 month, 1 year etc)
  • Fixed creation of VCS files (now saves as UTC time)


  • Fixed problem with duplicate timeslots
  • The sender of email messages is now shown in the email dialog as well as email options and can be changed in either location
  • Field codes list for right-click in email message are sorted, and "Custom_" no longer appears on its own.
  • Fixed problem with Role and Event Distribution reports when created for "Each member of group" or "...household")
  • Warning "would exceed target" no longer shows for people who do not have an explicit usage target set
  • New dialog for updating patterns (Event, Absence, Role-absence, Pre-assignment, Role-pattern)
  • New dialog for updating usage targets - makes it much clearer how to do this and what the fields mean
  • New dialog for updating association preferences
  • Fixed problem where Clearing unlocked cells would delete references outside of the current scheduling window
  • Fixed a problem with absences on last date of schedule period being ignored
  • Fixed problem with sending emails causing error message "cannot create file \temp.txt"
  • New feature allows export and import of the schedule data separate from the rest of the data


  • Fixed error when running the Household Directory report
  • Add Household report option "Hide Birthdate"


  • New Event colours - allows user to select any colour for the event name in scheduled grid
  • New Event enforced break - enforces the break after a person is scheduled in the respective event
  • Changed Event Roles handling when editing an Event - now uses the same dialog as when you click in Valid Events panel for a role.
  • Fixed problem with schedules grid. Clicking on the Role header does not select the role in the Roles panel
  • Made role pattern dialog default to "Exclude" pattern and include is disabled (Can only define Exclude patterns)
  • Removed autocomplete from the Report Title edit box in Report Parameters dialog
  • Can now email schedule to people who are not actually scheduled or even on a role
  • In the alternate grid format (People by Event) cells are crosshatched for any any times where a person is absent
  • Can now define the start and end time for adhoc date ranges that span multiple days
  • Time drop-down boxes now show many more rows making it easier to select the time
  • Fixed problem with not resizing the labels row in alternative grid format
  • All reports now also show the time as well as the date created
  • Fixed absences report so that exclusions appear on a separate line
  • Terminology change: "Fixed Usage" to "Usage Target" which is consistent now across the program (as this was essentially the same thing)
  • Can now attach vCal format file so people can import their calendar straight into a compatible email/calendar app
  • Changed Report Parameter dialog to use check LIST box for "on/off" report options - allows easier addition of new options, and more consistent layout
  • New report option "Combine events on same date" - for Master II report, shows a single column (or row) for all events on the same day)
  • New usage target option: can now specify x "Days" per xxx interval previously only supported "times" or "hours"
  • Fixed usage targets which used the 3rd interpretation "In any x days" (as opposed to "in every x days" or "avg over the whole period") which was not working correctly for very short schedules (like where people are scheduled daily)
  • Fixed role lists which were showing Unscheduled role in some instances (when not valid)
  • Added autoupdate counter reset button under File > Options to force updating when "Check for Update on startup" or manual "Check for updates" was not working
  • Added "Show Contact List" option for schedule reports, which appends phone contacts to any schedule of type Individual, Master, or Calendar


  • Fixed problem with email distribution to individuals not emailing to a person where only their household is scheduled
  • Fixed problem with lines not coming out in PDF reports - LINE_WEIGHT changed to 9 (to make it slightly thicker)


  • Fixed problem with WebShare open dialog in multiple screen resolutions
  • Fixed problem with auto-scheduling where different events at the same date and start time
  • Fixed problem with manual scheduling not respecting "always keep apart" association preference


  • Fixed problem with wordwrapping in PDF reports where cell text is over-writing other text
  • When switching to PDF view now switches also to the same zoom state
  • Fixed "Access violation error" when adding some people into the schedule when some related roles for that person are not being scheduled
  • <Vacant Slots> now shows in reports if "Show Vacant Slots" is ticked in the Schedules grid.


  • Can now block schedule across all events if you set consuctive for the "<All Events>" event in role-events panel (need to delete any events if they are already set here)
  • Fixed problem with saving timeslots - cell lock was not saved if timeslot has no occupant


  • Fixed problem when importing people and PersonType is set incorrectly - people "disappear" and cannot be imported
  • Fixed problem with email (incorrect recipient) and doubling up of email body on save
  • Fixed reporting of "unscheduled" count in Distribution Summary report (was always zero)
  • Fixed problem with cell lock not showing for the bottom row of the grid in empty cells


  • Added field type HomePhone which always returns the home phone number (whether or not a person is in a family)
  • Fixed problem with HTML emails - line limit was trimming some emails and thus removing
    legitimate email endings (since HTML emails can be much longer than standard text emails)
  • EmailQueue and Email forms show HTML preview pages as proper web pages instead of just text
  • Email form allows editing using new "Edit as text" button for HTML page
  • EmailQueue form now remembers the horizontal split size between sessions
  • Fixed problem with detection of HTML-type memos
  • Fixed filter in the Email form - Schedules referenced in a filter should only be for the indicated period (eg, next 7 days), not the whole schedule period
  • Added new column into Email Reminders form showing the schedule for each person listed for the period selected
  • SMTP (Default) and SMTP (Alternate) both send HTML emails (not available for MAPI mail protocol)


  • Fixed problem with "Set Preassignments" deleting occupants where locks exists
  • Added ability to strictly enforce consecutive schedulings
  • Fixed Reminder labels report - when exported to Word the scheduled was sorted by role not date
  • Fixed problem with changing active status for role members in update people window
  • Fixed problem with display of names in grid after edit of role members in main window.
  • Deletes duplicate Usage Targets on load


  • AutoFill Speed improvement: 70% to 200% faster!
  • Completely re-written email dialog which is also used by reminders, bulk emails, personal email, and reports
  • Added insertion of field codes into reminders or emails, also made field codes consistent between these windows
  • Added new filter types and greatly expanded field codes
  • Modified Roles and Schedule tab of personnel details dialog to show more details and have greater functionality
  • Modified Personnel Inventory report so that the columns and order are user-selectable with the new Properties button in the report parameters entry dialog
  • New Calendar format schedule report
  • Dynamic groups now auto-calculate on file load
  • Dynamic filters for Events now works correctly
  • Group members list now sorts Members by "surname, firstname"
  • Can now add in household and groups into the members of another group from the add button
  • New custom personnel fields. Create any number of new user-defined fields for your personnel records. use the personnel inventory report to report on custom fields, can be used in defining dynamic groups, can import directly into them
  • New usage target type : "Max in any <period>", eg "2 times in any given 2 week period"
  • Usage targets with "Apply to members only" now correctly applies when new members are added or deleted (and at startup)
  • Added ability to copy message to the household or group (new check box "CC message to Group email"). Only available
    if you select "Each member of selected household[group]" in the drop down for selecting people
  • Added Label Templates (button on Report Paramaters form), which allows the user to customise the content of label reports
  • Fixed problem with MAPI email protocol (error when sent from Outlook "None of your email accounts were able to send the message")
  • Enabled users to select or de-select whether files are saved compressed
  • Can now select Generate > Hardcopy for ALL reports, which generates a simple report for each person which is the same as the generated email subject/body and can be printed off for those without email
  • Fixed problem with Importing from *.ros file - duplicates certain info (Usage targets)
  • Small change that has decreased decreases file size up to 20%
  • Fixed problem with loading and saving GroupMember filter where ">" or "<" is part of the filter


  • Fixed problem with preassignments which could cause an application error in some instances


  • Fixed problem with Keep together associations sometimes being ignored
  • Fixed problem with Role Patterns - now do NOT require the INCLUDE spec to be defined (since this is just the events for which the role is required - don't need to define it again). Role cannot be made to appear in an event for which it is not otherwise required.


  • Fixed problem which sometimes failed to correctly identify overlapping roles
  • Fixed problem causing Preassignments to not reset for new schedule period
  • Fixed small problem with treatment of adhoc dates in date patterns (especially for Absences)
  • Fixed problem with SmartExplain - small message showing at inappropriate times


  • Fixed Absences report so that it only shows those whose roles are checked
  • Added ability to send HTML email messages (must have <HTML> and </HTML tags> embedded in the message text)
  • SmartExplain now uses hints as well as status bar messages to explain why someone won't drop
  • new filter type "ScheduledCount" which returns the number of times a person is scheduled in the current period


  • Fixed a bug where reminder text was being duplicated for unknown reason, causing filesize to blow out. Limits size of reminder message to 500 lines
  • Copy to clipboard (either from Grid popup menu or in report viewer) now changes invisible line separater characters to a visible character, either ; or | or , or || or <nl> depending on other characters used in grid cell comments


  • Fixed bug which deleted occupants outside of the current schedule window in some instances
  • Fixed bug with master schedule - would show events which were not in the ticked events


  • Fixed bug with reminders - should not show the "Unscheduled" role


  • Fixed bug which would prevent timeslot occupants loading in some case


  • New menu "Schedule > Show unscheduled persons" displays a new column showing all persons for each event who have not yet been scheduled for that event


  • Added Filter type "Active" - whether a person is available for autofill
  • Fixed problem with email reminders where only the first required role/event is show


  • New Advanced Filters
  • Fix bug deleting Groups - did not delete group member causing an error
  • Comments in timeslots now append to email reminders, and you can add fixed comments for role/event pairs which also
    append to relevant email reminders.
  • New dynamic groups - membership is defined by a query that executes whenever the group list is used
  • Fixed problem sending emails using SMTP(ALTERNATE) protocol - always sent single email to combined addresses
  • Fixed problem with Schedule > Export to html format - extraneous strange characters in the output
  • Fixed bug which caused a "list index out bounds error" when running certain reports
  • Fixed problem where empty lines in reminder messages are being removed


  • Fixed problem with formatting of dates on reports
  • Fixed "List index out of bounds error when editing absences, or events


  • Bulk email to households can be selected filtered by role the same way it can for individuals.
  • Events, Absences, Role Patterns, and pre-selections can now have multiple patterns OR date/time ranges
  • Added "Show Active Only" option to People menu.
  • Added "Archive" option in email queue. Can archive older sent items so that you don't have to scroll down the complete list of all items ever sent each time you visit sent items. Archived items are still available to browse or even re-send. No information is lost.
  • Update Group Details | Members tab | delete of member did not work. Fixed.
  • Can now edit absences for multiple role members at same time
  • New absence pattern cycle "MatchEvent" can specify that a person is always absent for a certain event.
  • New option for patterns: "the Last sunday of every month" (in the Month tab)
  • New Global Restrictions - works like RoleEvent restrictions but operates across roles and/or events
  • New WebShare module, and updated license file to allow WebShare and Costing function to be added to a license.
  • Small fix so that Master Schedule report for people not on the roster creates a master roster not a blank page
  • Fixed problem in Events form - changing roles does not update the database
  • Fixed problem with handling of line break tokens throughout smartroster. Needed to allow for semi-colon in event names
  • Added 'would exceed target' on grid popup menu of role-members available for a timeslot
  • Fixed problem with reminders - only first role/event for each person was reported
  • Added ability to change port number for emails for SMTP (Default)
  • New Schedule Grid format - Personnel by dates (on axis) with role in cells
  • Can now independently select the date format for date/event, and the name format, in schedule grid
  • Added new report (MasterSchedule II) which matches the new grid layout - also exports to MS Word
  • Fixed problem where changing event start time would lose all timeslots for that event
  • WebShare fix - not creating the user's folder correctly on the Davallia Technology server
  • Fixed absences report – was ignoring the date range
  • Added ability to set maximum table columns for all reports that use the generic table reporter (applies to a number of reports)
  • Fixed “Role Distribution” and “Distribution Summary” reports - not counting when scheduled outside planning horizon
  • WebShare fix - Added ability to override the update access in (in case a person opens for update and then loses internet access)
  • Fixed problem with using certain literal characters in comments or group names. Comments can use any visible character
  • Fixed problem handling an event with occurrences on same date/time - now the occurrence with a comment overrides the occurrence without one (so you can override the durations for a specific occurrence and it does not double up the occurrences at that time)
  • WebShare – now checks that the user has at least 2 licenses, plus must have current support


  • Fixed problem with main schedule report - "Hide non recipients" flag was ignored when exported to word


  • Fix problem with reminder labels report which ignored the name and date format fields


  • Where a role/event is scheduled "x consecutive months", it now stays within calandar month boundaries


  • Fix for the Address Labels report - address lines were all concatenated together


  • Can now set the PORT number for emails using the SMTP (Default) email protocol


  • Fixed problem adding same person to a role more than once (with different Events)
  • Fixed problem with individual roster report when roles are printed on the vertical axis


  • Fixed problem with incompatible roles - if a group is scheduled then no member of the group should not be scheduled in incompatible roles on the same event
  • Fixed problem with manual drop into a schedule - would allow drop into incompatible roles
  • Fixed error when Acrobat Reader used as viewer and the reader is not closed between running separate reports


  • EndDate was somehow being set to before Startdate of some adhoc events, causing events not to show.
  • "Report groups/households as a list of members" not always working when for groups
  • Fixed problem with scheduling groups in which individuals do not show up on Individual Roster report


  • Fixed problem with phone number displaying in role inventory report


  • Fixed bug with the automatic clean up of comments that are no longer in use


  • Added "Paste" menu option to Role Member menu (allows easy copy/paste between roles)
  • Individual Availability checking now checks a persons group's group's (etc) availability


  • fixed display of "Adhoc" type events in the events panel


  • fixed minor display issue for Report Parameters dialog
  • fixed Distribution form which was not displaying correctly at 120 DPI system display resolution
  • fixed minor problem with form caption for Email | Bulk email


  • Encrypted files are now much smaller, and have increased security
  • Fix problem with "every 2nd,3rd,etc month" patterns where the starting date is after the start of the look-back period
  • Added new option "Member availability affects group" on the Members tab of the people update dialog.


  • fixed bug with the Timeslot Auto-Number Occupants feature


  • Fix problem with post-load processing for individuals
  • Fixed a bug when encryption is used and the size of the file is 1-14 chars less than an exact
    multiple of 4096 bytes
  • Fixed a bug with the export routine not exporting all columns
  • Fixed bug with saving of Usage Targets


  • Added new autonumber feature (Role-event setting) randomly numbers all occupants of same timeslot
  • Fixed problem with deleting events - did not delete the timeslots for the event or the timeslot usage references
  • Fixed problem where timeslots were not correctly fixed when events properties are changed
  • Fix problem where two people with same "NextEvent" cause assignment to a timeslot to exceed "at most" number
  • Fix user interface problem when changing system display setting - DPI 120
  • The build progress no longer has a separate dialog to indicate completion - now has message within the dialog itself
  • Small fix for import routine to differentiate imported households based on home phone
  • Fix problem with adding new Association Preferences (would not save)

Version 2.5

  • Re-instated Send-separate/send-combined menu choice in frmDistribution
  • Added "Always on Same Role" option when adding an association preference
  • Fixed handling in the Update Person Details - Associations tab
  • New People | Export dialog allows selection of columns to export and whether to export Households, to include first-line-labels, and to generate single file per role
  • Added new button "Auto Calculate" in the Roster Period expanded selection dialog. This tells SR to work out a reasonable value for the look back days
  • New File Sharing option, under File | Options, Open/Save tab "Enable File Sharing protocol"
  • New Role Group "Link Members" option insures that the member list of linked roles are identical
  • New Sorted flag for role members - if not sorted can re-order the role members for round robin scheduling
  • Made sure that RoundRobin roles are always auto scheduled FIRST
  • New Rates/Costing functionality - employee wage rates and penalty rates can be set in various parts of the program
  • Modified Fixed Usage Targets to include concept of UsageUnits (count or hours), Avg-across-schedule or Max-in-period (week, month etc), eg to set "max 40 hours in each 7 day period"
  • Modified Role Distribution report to allow reporting of (at user choice) count, hours, target, cost
  • Added Export to Word version of Distribution Summary report.
  • Modified Build and BuildProgress forms to provide for the new Optimisation methods - "Maximise participants" and "Minimise cost"
  • File Sharing added - only available for multiple (2+) licenses in registration
  • Cost function only available for commercial licenses (ie. unlimited persons)
  • Fixed problem with Group names not being expanded in roster reports when exported to Word
  • RoleMember fixed usage targets now supports same features as Person fixed usage targets (avg or max, count or hours, etc)
  • Changed Usage Period to include both count and period type so any number of days/weeks/months can be specified (eg 3 weeks, 5 days, 7 months)
  • New Absences report created
  • Fixed a problem where changing an event start time would cause existing timeslots for that event to be deleted

Version 2.4

  • New email subsystem to control email sending, view emails status, see exactly what the recipient will be getting, edit the message prior to sending, and archive old messages for historic purposes. Works both for distribution and reminders. Old emails can be kept indefinitely, or deleted as desired.
  • NEW email protocol added - SMTP (MailBee). This is a more reliable format and supports email authentication.
  • Can now specify RoleGroup as well as a role for association preferences.
  • Household and group associations can now also speficy an Role or Role group, and/or an Event.
  • Up to 50% speed improvement running AutoFill.
  • For all association preferences with the desire to work together, SmartRoster now tries to schedule to the same role before scheduling in different roles
  • Preference satisfaction report now shows added "%together" (good for group constraints) which shows the average number of people in a group association
  • Right-click to select people for manual scheduling will not show people who have exceeded their targets for the role
  • Can now add a preference to a person to work with themselves on another role. This allows for specifying that a person always work on multiple roles, without making the roles strongly compatible, which would effect everyone in those roles (although the roles must still be "not incompatible")
  • Can now substitute the individual member names in place of group or household names in reports
  • Fixed application error with clicking on the grid after clearing or using AutoFill in some curcumstances
  • Fixed Trainee flag - not autoscheduling correctly
  • Fixed problem with changing "Include role in roster" tick box, then changing to a different schedule period
  • Fixed a problem which caused Trainees never to be assigned
  • Fixed a problem with deleting names from the Rosters grid

Version 2.305

  • Role Members list will display Event in grey if a role member can only serve one event, and it will not let the user enter the Event if only one is possible (avoids redundant, confusing data entry).
  • When creating a association preference, it checks whether both persons share the role, if a role is given (to avoid impossible preferences)
  • Added email SMTP authentication method and tidied up the Email Options dialog
  • Fixed problem with Person drop down box when adding association preference
  • Stopped auto-deslect of sent messages when sent by SMTP method due to a bug in the alogorithm. Also changes top line to a non-autosize, wordwrapping label
  • Fix problem with changing "Include role in roster" tick box, then changing to a different schedule period

Version 2.30

User Interface

  • Rosters grid now shows "<Vacant>" for each timeslot vacancy - can see at-a-glance where the vacancies are
  • Added ability to clear old absence records
  • Updated all controls to use the new windows XP common controls
  • Changed the people list to use a listview control - much more flexable and robust
  • CopyFrom (new pattern) will copy the event availability to all persons available for the copied event

Role-groups/ Event-groups

  • Define Role-groups under the Roles menu and Event-groups under the Events menu
  • Use these groups to create usage targets restricted to a subset of roles and/or events
  • Use role groups to report a group of roles in a single column (such as in the Master roster report)


  • New "Preference satisfaction" report and re-arranged some of the other reports
  • Change to Event-per-page report;
  • new option "Show attendance columns" shows each Attendance Status flag as a column next to the names - for producing a sign-in sheet. Also now works correctly across multiple pages (ie with many of roles)
  • Fixed problem with reporting - sometimes people were not showing on their respective reports
  • Event-per-page report now has a line between each person when acting as a sign-on sheet
  • When hiding names other than recipient, the row heights now size correctly
  • Fixed the new Event-Per-Page report to export to word correctly for Lorilee
  • Small fix for ReportEvent report - when role not required by an event don't show the role
  • Added new Role Group to all reports - can select a role group for roster reports to group roles in one col
  • Event comment was not printing on reports - fixed

Minor fixes

  • Fixed buttons in Groups tab in the update person details dialog
  • Fixed bug with AutoImport which caused application error
  • Also changes Zero Usage meaning to include ONLY the current period - not lookback
  • Was not deleting old unused Preallocation records
  • Problem with duplicate Valid Role Event records - now removed duplicates during load
  • Deleting a group should delete all Restrictions that reference the group
  • Fix for closing smartroster destroying rolegroups at incorrect time
  • RoleMember dialog now only shows events in the Events or NextEvent dropdown for which the rm is available
  • Fix bug with removing role where the- Role membership list was not updated correctly

Auto Scheduling

  • Changed "Zero times scheduled in the roster period" to mean just that - not to look at LBP
  • New feature - Usage targets may be restricted to a subset of roles and/or events, and can use GROUPS
    as a short cut to apply usage targets to groups of individuals
  • Added person-level pre-assignment (as a'la role member pre-assignment) which takes into account any related roles or persons
  • Added "Consecutive Units" so that consecutive could be over days, weeks, months, and also number or times


  • Now remembers the last text of bulk emails or any report sent through email - for each report
  • Small fix for MailBee - need to disconnect/reconnect every 20 or so messages
  • Change in the distribution dialog allows easy single click clear all or select all, and when sending automatically deselects correctly sent messages so that re-try unsent messages is very easy.

Version 2.20

  • Fixes problem with deleting a role/s causes problem with TRoleList.EnumerateFillOrder for Alex Huggett
  • Changed "Applies to Events" box to ListView which shows all info at a glace
  • Changed "Compatible Roles" box to ListView which shows both roles and compatibility strength at a glance
  • New "Yearly" Event type in the Events edit window
  • Fixed bug with delete of person who is a role member with Event specified
  • Fixed bug with <Alt> key override not always working during manual scheduling
  • Changed Event list box to a list view also
  • Added new Attendance functionality - new Options input area, new right-click menu, new Attendance report
  • Added restrictions for Roles-Events. Eg Kindy worker in the 1000 service must have at least one female.
  • Can specify restrictions as "At least..", "Exactly", "At most..", and "Cannot not have both Males and Females" restriction apply to group membership - eg. define "Male" group to restrict based on sex
  • fix for event pattern which occurs "4th Sun of every 2 months"
  • fix bug with a person having multiple role memberships for different events in the same role
  • fix importing of role membership - handles role membership with associated event Role[Event];Role[Event];...
  • added new text into all panels which only shows on new file (when the respective panel is empty) for guidance of new users
  • New feature : Role-member pre-assignments, dbl click on role member to set
  • Added to reports ability to "Hide Non-recipients" - in the standard report only show the recipients
  • fix for renaming of roles when in List format: dbl click to rename a role
  • Can re-order Roles when in List format by dragging role up or down the list or select menu option
  • Increased the size of the Recipients name in the header of roster reports
  • When creating/editing Events can now "Copy From" to copy all settings from another event
  • Added "ClickYes" program to package to stop annoying Outlook messages when using MAPI messaging for email

Version 2.10

  • Added Role Member absences - distinct from person absences, apply only to a person in a role (and also in a specific event if that is given)
  • Made Edit Events window re-sizable (horiz as well as vert) to try to overcome an error reported by a user
  • Added "Trainee" role member designation. Trainees are always assigned with at least one non-trainee
  • Added "Count group as one" check box in Role Events panel. Will allocate group as if they were single person
  • Removed ability to select algorithm "2" in autofill advanced settings (forces algorithm 1) as no longer required
  • All reports exported to MS Word have all tables set so that single rows do not span multiple pages
  • The "role inventory" report now only included actual roster period (Not look back period) in count of Actual Usage (which makes more sense)
  • Changed the way role members who do NOT have a fixed usage target are allocated - makes the actual usage much more even in some instances
  • Removed option 'Interpret "Always keep together" preference literally'. "Always together" is now always enforced. Please use "Strongly prefer together" if you do not want the relationship strictly enforced
  • Fixed problems with allocating role members "consecutive" times (>1). Was sometimes not working, or ignoring other constraints
  • Fixed compatible roles handling - not always allocating a person to "Mandatory" compatible roles. Also tries to explicitly enforce "Strongly related" compatible roles
  • Fixed the problem which caused events to appear with "TEMP" suffixed
  • Fixed export to Word for reports with horizontal dates
  • New "Role > Display As" menu - can now display roles as tabs OR as a list in a list box - great for when you have many roles
  • New "Role Members" report lists contact details for people with separate page for each role/event combination
  • greying out of role members is now a reliable reflection of those with zero possible events in the roster period
  • Registration error dialog now provides useful feedback for troubleshooting registration problems
  • Smartroster Looks for licence file in various other locations in case user having difficulty transferring it to the install folder

Version 2.031

  • Fix for not able to create more than one role member for same person

Version 2.03

  • Add indication of number of active persons - useful for customers with limited-person licenses
  • Fix for "Always keep apart" - two people could still be scheduled together if on different but overlapping events
  • New "Multiply all font sizes" field in report parameters entry window to allow some control over font size
  • Hit "Delete" in Household drop down to delete the household to which a person belongs
  • Added new field Phone2.<Fixed> etc so you can now enter home contact details without a household record
  • Changed auto update feature to check for updates no more than once a week

Version 2.02

  • Fixed problems with Event Priority processing
  • Fixed problem with row heights not sizing correctly in the Roster reports
  • Fix for problem with SmartRoster not respecting fixed usage targets
  • Import now defaults Event priority to 3 if not specificed
  • Fixed Application exception error on import with delete
  • Users do not have to be admin user to register (only install)
  • Added reporting of targets into the Role Distribution report
  • Fixed problem with right-click menu in grid very slow to respond (when file has large numbers persons)
  • Added option to determine how smartroster allocates non-fixed role member usage targets
  • Added new "Cannot exceed calucaled role-member targets by more than" user setting

Version 2.01

  • New Role Distribution report
  • New auto update feature - under Options | Organisation
  • New Clear all and Select all buttons into the Events tab of the “Update person details” dialog
  • New Clear all and Select all buttons into the Events panel
  • Fixed problem with row heights not resizing when manually adding or deleting people to the grid
  • Small fix to improve missing slots performance
  • Added "Copy to clipboard" button in viewer - available for ALL reports
  • Added new Maximum Persons limit - for new tiered license structure
  • Add Copy to clipboard menu option to People menu (same as the Export format)
  • Fixed problem with Bulk Email (cannot select event)

Version 2.0

  • Can now add field codes to messages (subject and body) for substituting with actual values
  • Fixed email - cancel buttons works correctly for SMTP mail
  • Fixed the import form (default size too large in lower resolutions)
  • Added full context-sensitive online help
  • fixed rosters grid display update so it is much smoother
  • Able to re-order the events in the events list
  • When adding group/household from people panel to role members gives option to add individuals from the
    group as role members instead of just the group itself.
  • Method of calculating the contraint score is now much more consistent and reliable, and it updates immediately on any grid change (including manual changes)
  • Fixed a problem with "consecutive" when a cell or row was locked.
  • Fixed a problem with the AutoFill timer under some versions of the operating system
  • Right-click menu in rosters grid is much faster to load
  • Fixed Report parameter entry for label reports - didn't enable the control selectability correctly
  • Fixed Previous/next period button to work properly over month boundaries when selecting roster period
  • Much improved workload balancing algorithm, for setting usage targets especially for same person across multiple events
  • new Role Inventory report
  • new Personnel Inventory report
  • Holding down <Ctrl> key while dbl clicking on role member will bring up the person record
  • New, more secure user registration system
  • Role patterns fixed
  • SRP format now stores page settings for setting up SmartVue when loading saved reports
  • Fixed list re-sorting when editing a role member or person
  • Converted to Delphi 6.0 - brings new Win XP like open/save dialogs
  • New Inventory reports export to Word
  • Copy menu in RoleMember, Event, and Rosters grid popup menus
  • Quick Directory report now export to Word
  • New list view for showing role members, and reorganised the Role panel with a new tabbed display to have more space for the various components, also gives more feedback about role targets
  • Can now select from three different name formats for displaying in the role members list and rosters grid
  • New Role notes tab under the Role panel allows for printed notes to go with Role reports

Version 1.42 build 5

  • Now it is easier to see who is available for events. Only those people available for the active events are visible in the role members panel (user selectable on the Role Member right-click menu)
  • The SMTP email functionality has been re-written from the ground up for reliability and speed. It also gives instant feedback as to the progress for each message sent, and allows multiple simultaneous connections for faster message sending (especially useful for broadband connections)
  • Added ability to import and export of people's valid events. This also automatically creates the events themselves if they don't exist, but you still need to configure the events
  • The Import from native SmartRoster file format (ros file) improved. It loads all personnel and absences from the import file but NOT preferences - useful for maintaining a central personnel file with many SmartRoster users autoloading into their own files
  • AutoImport also gives feedback when auto-import occurs (such as when you open a SmartRoster file)
  • New Role per page report
  • Can now report on events that are disabled in the main screen without first enabling them
  • When selecting "On Roster", the individuals ticked now correctly reflect the Roles and Events ticked and the date range
  • The "Select Events" panel in the report setup window can be resized to show more events
  • "Export to Word" function additionally works for the "Mailing Labels" and "Reminder Labels" reports
  • The context popup menu over a timeslot now sorts names alphabetically
  • Added visual indication of locked CELLS - lock icon in top right of cell, and fixed a problem of Cell locks lost after Autofill
  • Added explanatory message in the Grid to explain why it is sometimes empty
  • Added option 'Interpret "Always keep together" preference literally' in Autofill Options. If ticked then SmartRoster will NEVER schedule anyone in an "Always keep together" group to a specific event unless everyone in the group can be scheduled on the same event
  • Added new "Enforced Break Applies between members" checkbox. If ticked then the Enforced Break not only applies to each individual in the group (or household), but also BETWEEN each of the individuals in the group (or household)
  • Fixed problem with reporting: if an Event in the main page was not ticked then it was ignored in reports no matter what event was ticked in report screen.
  • Reports now remember the date range, if the dates are not the same as the roster period

Version 1.40

  • New feature: add comment into any timeslot by right-clicking in the timeslot and select "add comment"
  • Fixed "Ignore previous reminders" and select between dates
  • Added a check to prevent recursive groups putting SmartRoster into hard loop
  • Added EnforcedBreak for RoleMembers. ie, can specify breaks to apply only for specific people in specific roles and to specific events. Good for enforcing breaks for single roles (apply to all members)
  • Changed resolution for EnforcedBreak so you can enter minutes, hours or days
  • Fixed problem with importing not correctly deleting old records
  • Added import option "Delete records not added or updated"
  • Fixed grid row re-sizing when clearing the grid
  • Added new date-time formats in Report dialog - show <Day> and <Time> together or separately, or no date at all
  • Fixed the "Find" box in the People panel (not working correctly)
  • Lookback days ignores prior events which have no one scheduled. Click-and-hold on Event in "Applies to events" panel will temporarily display only role members valid for the event
  • Added new "Scheduled" tab into the People update dialog showing all scheduled timeslots for a person
  • Fixed printing multiple names per timeslot where names are too large - now prints all names correctly
  • Added "NextEvent" into RoleMember dialog. Allows specification of pattern within a single role.
  • Fixed Group tab dissappearing when People panel too small
  • Fixed error when dbl clicking on <All Events> in "Applies to events" panel
  • Fixed problme with new person, group etc not sorting when added
  • Fixed times in Include dates finish time being format different to start time
  • Can click "New person" in roles "New Member" dialog
  • Added Randomize Role Order - in set role order form
  • AutoFill FIRST priority is now to fill all required slots - now reports slots missing, in the status bar
  • Person "Title" drop down now populates from user's own data instead of fixed list of title
  • Can now have different events with same start time
  • Fixed problem where events have "TEMP" suffixed to name for no reason
  • New algorithm for calculating usagescore takes better account of absences
  • Added more user control over priority for choosing between possible occupants of a timeslot.
  • New "Spare" indicator for role members and associated program logic
  • Added "Add to all roles" button in the update Person dialog (Roles tab)

Version 1.30

  • New feature - "Hide rows where recipient not scheduled" check box in RosterReport parameters window
  • Added new Role | Pattern | Delete menu to allow deletion of role patterns, and changed default pattern time/duration
  • Fixed bulk email - single email feature (email addresses not well formed)
  • Fixed problem with import where ID is part of import and AutoCreateHousehold is checked
  • Fixed error with size of Import dialog
  • Fixed error with dragging from role members to grid (sometimes didn't work)
  • Fixed problem with timeslot initialization
  • Fix problem with recurring absences where absence is more than a day (eg every 28 days for 14 days)
  • Fixed problem with role name change - sometimes would lead to blank names
  • New feature - Role Member - Event specification, and new dialog to handle this
  • Change to grid highlighting - white/grey alternates for different days, not for each row
  • New feature to give enduser control over whether group availability applies to group members
  • Fixed reporting problem where only role column(row) is shown and rest is blank
  • Fixed AutoFill when EnforcedBreaks are being used
  • Change to when availability is checked within the program. This allows previous cells to remain after availability or personnel changes so that historic scheduled timeslots do not just dissappear
  • Can now edit person from the edit RoleMember dialog
  • New feature - SmartExplain to give instant unavailability reason feedback to assist with "why cant I schedule X to to this slot?"
  • Added browse in the backup dialog, and now remembers last backup location
  • Fixed Event per page report (access violation)
  • Interface update - Timeslots are highlighted with diagonal crosshatching in Grid where the Role is not required for the event
  • Events can now have more than one occurence on the same day
  • Fixed importing from native smartroster file (broken at v1.10?)
  • New report types: "Mailing Labels" and "Reminder Labels", accessed by new menu "Report | Labels"
  • Added "Ignore previous reminders" and select between dates, in email reminders
  • fixed AutoFill errors in calculating constraint scores
  • fixed Access violation on program exit

Version 1.20

  • Now able to delete Event with blank name, and prevents creation of blank name events
  • Fixed printing with many columns
  • Report generation uses proper left column (column 1) width in table
  • Can define Enforced Break - minimum time between scheduled timeslots, either globally, or for groups, households, or individual
  • fixed handling of undo buffer for going back to previous builds
  • highlighting of names/family/group in reports now works correctly
  • "Individual Roster" report type - now ticks all roles before disabling "Select Roles" and only shows roles applicable to the events selected
  • Event per page report works correctly with multiple columns
  • Added new Notes facility for inputting notes about Persons (household, group)
  • Setting units in the report dialog now changes the margin values correctly
  • Export roster functionality added - can export in tab-delimited and html format
Version 1.10
  • Personal preferences can now be restricted to a specific Role, Event, or both.
  • Can set the AutoFill order (the role order in which AutoFill fills the roster) from new menu option 'Roster | Set Autofill Order'. ie. the grid display order is independent of the AutoFill order.
  • Fixed bug with fixed usage constraint (period=current roster) being ignored by AutoFill
  • Internal change to fix intermittent bug with timeslot occurrence handling
  • Fixed problem with reports that have non-valid dos file characters - effected "save as" in the preview screen
  • Fixed major problem with the Reminders module, now also works with MAPI mail
  • Added MAPI mail protocol (for Microsoft® compatible email products such as Outlook™)
  • Fixed the 'flashing distribution window' bug which occured with some errors when emailing
  • Fixed bug with delete of Personal Preference (Update Person window)
Version 1.06
  • Addresses various issues re adding groups and households as role members and into the roster (eg. allows
    the user to always roster certain individuals together on the same role/event)
  • Fix few bugs to do with handling absence patterns and discreet anbsences, as well as combinations of both
Version 1.053
  • "Create PDF" check box in Reports dialog allows user to decide not to create PDF - greatly speeds up reporting
  • fixed bug (EListError with message 'List index out of bounds..') which prevented a file opening
Version 1.05
  • People Import/Export now Imports/Exports roles and role membership. Roles are created automatically if they don't exist

  • Fix problem with calculating availablity for an individual not checking their group's availability
  • Added Event Priority for determining personal priority when being selected for events
  • Absences entry window shows the discrete absence entry by default (not the absence pattern entry)
Version 1.04
  • Household records will now NOT be created if AutoCreateHousehold not checked (Warning: not all data may be imported!)
  • Import function now automatically sorts by surname and preferred name
  • Fixed problem with drag and drop from cell to cell in the import columns table (Import module)
  • fixed tab order in the main people update screen
  • Fixed problem with Exporting peronnel details
Version 1.03
  • Fixed bug: unable to delete absence records
  • Added "Revert to saved" file menu option.
Version 1.02
  • Initial release
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