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Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  Why should I choose SmartRoster over other church software products that are available?

Answer:  Click here to see the many benefits of choosing SmartRoster

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Question:  We will need to use SmartRoster on several computers in our church office as well as on the pastor’s home computer. Is SmartRoster multi-user capable and are there additional fees for multi-user use of the product?

Answer:  SmartRoster does not require or use a centralised database such as Microsoft SQL server or Access, as it stores all its information in a single small text-based file. This format aids data backup and makes it easy to share data with colleagues. SmartRoster also has "Auto Import" capability, to automatically import data from a comma-separated-format file every time you open a SmartRoster file. A single SmartRoster file can easily be shared over a LAN environment. SmartRoster automatically handles access so that one person does not over-write changes made by another. WebShare also provides seamless sharing of the same file by multiple people over the Internet. For more information see the user manual. 

For additional computer installations for the same organisation, additional licenses of SmartRoster can be purchased for a much reduced fee. You can also install and run SmartRoster on one desktop and one laptop computer for the same license, as long as both are not used concurrently.

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Question:  Do you provide free technical support with the purchase of SmartRoster?

Answer:  We provide free email technical support for one year after purchase (and as long as you need it for trials). After this time you may purchase additional support from our web site. You are also entitled to free minor updates, within the major version number you have purchased. For instance, if you purchased version 2.0 then you can upgrade to any 2.x release. This usually means 6 to 18 months of free updates. Please consult the comprehensive user manual or on-line help before contacting email support.

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Question:  What are the minimum and recommended hardware/software requirements to run SmartRoster?


The minimum requirements are as follows:
  • PC or Laptop running Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
  • 256MB RAM
  • Pentium 500MHz
  • XVGA monitor running 256 colors at 800x600 resolution
  • 15MB disk space for initial installation (or 20MB to allow for Adobe Acrobat reader)
  • Mouse or equivalent pointing device.

The recommended improvements to the above are as follows:

  • Intel Core i3 or eqivalent running Windows XP or newer
  • 1GB RAM or more
  • Connection to the Internet for sending bulk email and reminders, and for downloading from this website new features as they are introduced to SmartRoster

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Question:  How much does SmartRoster cost?

Answer:   Click here for current SmartRoster pricing.

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Question:  If I purchase SmartRoster, can I receive a refund if it does not meet my expectations?

Answer:  Yes.  SmartRoster comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If, within 30-days of your purchase, you find that the product does not meet your needs for any reason, you may return it for a full refund of the purchase price.  Keep in mind that you can fully evaluate SmartRoster even before you purchase. In evaluation mode SmartRoster expires after 30 days, but there is no other limitation during this evaluation period. You can enter an unlimted number of persons, events and roles.

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Question:  We would like to order SmartRoster. What is the next step?


You can order by mail, fax or online. For all information on how to place orders please view our orders web page at

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Question:  What forms of payment do you accept?

Answer:  We offer several payment options. These are as follows:

CREDIT CARD:  We currently accept MasterCard, VISA, Discover, American Express and eCheck. For all information on how to place orders please view our orders web page at

CHEQUE:  We currently accept payment by cheque in the mail. Because of the delays in processing of cheques we would normally send you a two month temporary license so you can get going straight away, and send the permanent license when your cheque clears in our bank. There is an additional $10 charge for cheques. To pay by cheque, contact us at An invoice will be issued prior to payments by cheque.

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Question:  Do I need any Microsoft products to use SmartRoster?

Answer:  Other than the Microsoft Windows operating system, you do not need any Microsoft products to use SmartRoster.

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Question:  We are using a church management software program. Can our data be transferred into SmartRoster without having to re-enter all this data?

Answer:  SmartRoster can import personnel data from comma- or tab- delimited value text files. Most commercial products can export their data in this format. If your package can do this then it is very likely that your existing data can be transferred over into SmartRoster.  Please see the user manual for details on how to do this or contact us if you continue to have difficulty..  

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Question:  Are there limitations on the number of records I can store in SmartRoster?

Answer:  The only limit is to the number or person records which depends on the type of licence you have purchased. Otherwise there is no theoretical limit to the number of persons, events, roles or dates you can store in a single SmartRoster file.  You can plan on approximately 80KB per 1,000 people or per 1,000 scheduled dates. This means your file will no longer fit on a single floppy disk after you have 19,000 people in a single file! Given that this application is about scheduling and not data management as such, it is unlikely that you will ever reach a limit that matters for the purpose of this application.

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Question:  What is your upgrade policy?

Answer:  You are entitled to all updates and upgrades while your Annual Support is current. One year annual support is included free with your initial purchase. SmartRoster provides an Automatic Web Update facility which makes it very easy to update the program. This requires a connection to the internet.

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Question:  Do you provide any training seminars for SmartRoster?

Answer:  We are currently researching the need for Telephone-based and/or On-site Training Seminars. Please contact us if you would like some sort of fee-based training to register your interest.

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Question:  Many church software programs are sold in modules at additional cost.  Are there more modules to buy with SmartRoster?

Answer:  No.  SmartRoster does not break up features into separate modules.  You get everything in one package at one price!  Everything we advertise that the software will do is included.   Other scheduling packages have separate modules for an email feature, or the core address and contact information.  With SmartRoster all this is included. The only exception is WebShare which requires at least two licenses to be purchased.

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Question:  Is SmartRoster focused on scheduling software – or is this one of several areas of involvement?

Answer:  At SmartRoster, scheduling software is our ONLY business. We are passionate about helping administrators take some of the drugery, guesswork, and rework out of scheduling. We believe great software like SmartRoster can provide enormous assistance with this task.

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Question:  Is SmartRoster a fully fledged Church Management Software package?

Answer:  No.  There are perfectly good CMS packages out there that are great for general Church Management. We have identified the area of scheduling as one area that is not being currently addressed by existing CMS packages (or even stand-alone software). And we'd rather pour our energy into developing great scheduling software (which very few companies do) and not re-invent the CMS wheel that many other companies have already developed.

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